Tom Brady and DeflateGate

Since Tom Brady in playing his final pre-season game before his 4 game suspension starts, I thought this would be a great topic.

As ESPN reported on July 13th, the Second Circuit decided to deny Tom Brady’s appeal of his four game suspension, essentially ending the saga known as DeflateGate. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a die-hard pats fan and that Tom Brady is my favorite athlete of all time. There is nothing about this scandal that will change my view of him. Without getting into any of the disputed information about this scandal, I just want to look at one thing: is it time to say, “Good Riddance” to this whole ordeal? I say it is.

Way too Much Time & Money has been Spent on This
DeflateGate started after (or during, depending on your perspective) the Patriots beat up on the Colts on January 18th, 2015. For a year and a half, both sides have spent countless hours and money on this ordeal. In the grand scheme of things, we’re talking about a sport. If that isn’t trivial enough, we’re really only talking about the PSI levels for the ball used in the sport, not even the sport itself, and whether or not Brady knew of any improprieties with the PSI.
If the sound of adults spending 1 ½ years of their lives on such an insignificant issue doesn’t make your blood boil, just wait until you hear the price tag on this scandal……wait for it….wait for it….are you ready…..$22.5 million!!! Let that sink in for a minute:
  •  1.5 years
  •  $22.5 million
 All of that to debate whether or not Tom Brady was aware that the balls were under-inflated. And the best part of it all?? Even with all that time and money spent, there is no conclusive evidence to show whether or not Brady was aware of the PSI levels of the footballs. When I think of that amount of money and how much it could have helped so many people (including myself), I’m quite disgusted.
Don’t Make Me Angry…You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry!!
Brady’s numbers speak for themselves, the angrier he gets, the better he plays. I think the way that  DeflateGate ended will ignite a fire in Brady that hasn’t been seen before. With 4 games of rest to start the season, he will undoubtedly be at 100% and full of piss & vinegar. I can’t wait to see it!!!
So…. all in all, I’m happy to say, goodbye to DeflateGate. Way too much time, money, and energy was wasted on this ordeal. Of course, I’d prefer that Brady’s name and legacy not get dragged through the mud like this without a clear indication of any wrong doing. BUT, this might very well lead to an unprecedented 6th Super Bowl ring. And I think that is exactly what’s about to happen.
Good luck to the rest of the NFL this year. You’re going to need it!!!